Language Arts:

PASCS utilizes a back-to-basics approach to literacy instruction, which includes:

  • Intensive Phonics Instruction
  • Basic Sight Word Recognition
  • Independent Reading
  • Literature Study and Book Club
  • Shared Reading
  • Read Aloud and Small Group Instruction

The writing component is process based and focuses not only on the final product, but the process involved in reaching the end writing goal. Students will focus not only on handwriting and penmanship, but learning to carefully choose words to convey the exact meaning they intended for their audience.

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PASCS will use Eureka Math books and curriculum to guide our math instruction. PASCS believes that the key to success in math is mastery of basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, along with creating problems that will encourage students to use higher levels of thinking. To hone these basic skills and to apply mathematical thinking to other settings and everyday life, students will play math games that foster a love of math, while simultaneously keeping track of students' computational skills.


PASCS's Science curriculum has two major goals:

  1. To develop, participate in, and understand the scientific process, including  inquiry.
  2. To acquire a base of knowledge in physical, biological, and earth sciences through the use of the Science Fusion curriculum.

We believe that by using the Science Fusion curriculum as our guide, along with the Socratic Method of teaching, our students will not only learn science facts, they will learn how to ask questions about the world around them and learn the process to finding the answers for themselves.

Social Studies:

PASCS's Social Studies program is designed to ensure that our students receive regular and structured instruction in the general knowledge of Pennsylvania and American history. This includes civics, global awareness and understanding, and knowledge of their own heritage and community. Our program will also emphasize the importance of community awareness and how their choices shape their local community, as well as the global community.