Faculty and Staff
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Mrs. Smith

Darlene Smith
Chief Administrative Officer

S Thomas

Sharon Thomas
Business & Compliance Manager

Title IX Coordinator

Miss Mock

Jen Mock
Instructional Coordinator
Rm 104 A

Ms. Ragsdale

Jane Ragsdale

Mrs. Marshall

Alysha Marshall

Miss Watson
Mrs. Jackson
Amanda Wright
Kindergarten Teacher
Rm 112
Shantel Ransome
Kindergarten Instructional Aide/ IA Supervisor
Rm 112

First Grade Teacher


Mateen Richardson
First Grade Teacher 


Laury Corish
First Grade Instructional Aide

Miss Parida
Ashley Delacruz
Second Grade Teacher
Rm 112 A
Ms. McMichael
Deb McMichael
Second Grade Teacher
Rm 213 B
Ms. Deb
Lapries Winstead
Second Grade Instructional Aide
Rm 112/213
Mrs. Hudson
Susana Carzado-Hudson
Third Grade Teacher
Rm 202 A
Mr. E

Lawrence Edwards
Third Grade Teacher
Rm 203 A

Mrs. Corish
Deborah Smith
Third Grade Instructional Aide/PTA President
Rm 202/203 
Mrs. Stone
​Juwayriyah Abdallah
Fourth Grade Teacher
Rm 203 B
Mr. Marrero

Sarah Miller
Fourth Grade Teacher
Rm 204 A

Mr. Marshall
Richard Brown
Fourth Grade Instructional Aide/Parent Involvement Commit
Rm 205 B
Shatara Parsons
Fifth Grade Teacher
Rm 210
Yvette Peterson
Fifth Grade Teacher
Rm 211 A
Mr. Rich
Fifth Grade Instructional Aide
Rm 210/211 B
Mr. Gentry

Kasey Gentry
Health/Physical Education Teacher

Mrs. Sims

Danielle Sims
Special Education Coordinator
102 A

Mr. Crayton
Anthony Crayton
Special Education Teacher
Rm 103 B
Mrs. Hartzell
Greg Hartzell
Special Education Teacher
Rm 103 B
Miss Fretz
Lyronna "Ronna" Fretz
Guidance Counselor (K-2nd Grade)
Rm 201
Miss Dennis
Danielle Dennis
Guidance Counselor (3rd-5th Grade)
Rm 201
Mrs. Saintz
Sue Saintz
Rm 203
Mrs. Whitehead-Myers
Patricia Whitehead-Myers
Parent Laison 
Rm 104
Mr. Jackson

Anwar Curtis
School Media Coordinator
Mr. Robles
Luis Robles
Maintenance Supervisor
Mr. Day
Kareem Baez
First Floor

Mr. Anthony

Eqequila Garcia
Maintenance/Crossing Guard
Second Floor

Miss Garcia


Mr. Smith
Bruce Smith Jr.
Crossing Guard
Mrs. Margaret

Ashley Mercardo
Crossing Guard

Mrs. Lisa
Tamara Pagan
Food Service Coordinator

Lisa Lester 
Food Service