Faculty and Staff
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Mrs. Smith

Darlene Smith
Chief Administrative Officer

Miss Q
Querida Smith-Lewis
S Thomas

Sharon Thomas
Business & Compliance Manager

Title IX Coordinator

Miss Mock

Jen Mock
Instructional Coordinator
Rm 104 A

Ms. Ragsdale

Jane Ragsdale

Mrs. Marshall

Alysha Marshall

Miss Watson
Mrs. Jackson
Ebone Jackson
Kindergarten Teacher
Rm 112
Shantel Ransome
Kindergarten Instructional Aide/ IA Supervisor
Rm 112
Ms. Suter

Rachael Suter
First-Grade Teacher


Lapries Winstead
First-Grade Instructional Aide

Miss Parida
Anju Parida
Second Grade Teacher
Rm 112 A
Ms. McMichael
Deb McMichael
Second Grade Teacher
Rm 213 B
Ms. Deb
Deborah J. Smith
Second Grade Instructional Aide/PTA President
Rm 112/213
Mrs. Hudson
Susana Carzado-Hudson
Third Grade Teacher
Rm 202 A
Mr. E

Lawrence Edwards
Third Grade Teacher
Rm 203 A

Mrs. Corish
Laura Corish
Third Grade Instructional Aide
Rm 202/203 
Mrs. Stone
‚ÄčMiss Stone
Fourth Grade Teacher
Rm 203 B
Mr. Marrero

Mr. Marerro
Fourth Grade Teacher
Rm 204 A

Mr. Marshall
Mr. Marshall
Fourth Grade Instructional Aide/Parent Involvement Commit
Rm 205 B
Mrs. Whitmire
Laura Whitmire
Fourth Grade Instructional Aide 
Rm 210
Mrs. Ledda
James Ledda
Fifth Grade Teacher
Rm 211 A
Mr. Rich
Rich Brown
Fifth Grade Instructional Aide
Rm 210/211 B
Mr. Gentry

Kasey Gentry
Health/Physical Education Teacher

Mrs. Sims

Danielle Sims
Special Education Coordinator
102 A

Mr. Crayton
Anthony Crayton
Special Education Teacher
Rm 103 B
Mrs. Hartzell
Greg Hartzell
Special Education Teacher
Rm 103 B
Miss Fretz
Lyronna "Ronna" Fretz
Guidance Counselor (K-2nd Grade)
Rm 201
Miss Dennis
Danielle Dennis
Guidance Counselor (3rd-5th Grade)
Rm 201
Mrs. Saintz
Sue Saintz
Rm 203
Mrs. Whitehead-Myers
Patricia Whitehead-Myers
Parent Laison 
Rm 104
Mr. Jackson

Anwar Curtis
School Media Coordinator
Mr. Robles
Luis Robles
Maintenance Supervisor
Mr. Day
Anthony Day
Maintenance/Crossing Guard
First Floor

Mr. Anthony

Eqequila Garcia
Maintenance/Crossing Guard
Second Floor

Miss Garcia

Mr. Smith
Bruce Smith Jr.
Crossing Guard
Mrs. Margaret
Margaret Jenkins
Food Service Coordinator
Mrs. Lisa
Lisa Lester 
Food Service
Mrs. Tamara
Tamara Pagan
Food Service