Our Approach
School Structure
  1. School Hours: 8:40 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  2. School Year: 180 days, plus enrichment programs and activities
  3. Low student to teacher ratio: Each classroom will have a maximum of 20 students with one teacher and an instructional aide.

At PASCS, our vision is to enhance future generations throughout the Commonwealth by using best practices philosophies, focusing on inquiry as a guide to achieve academic and social prominence. It is our belief that students will commit to making excellence a habit, not an act.  Further, they  will develop a passion for knowledge that leads to a life-long journey of learning in our society.

has as its core philosophy the belief that all children can develop as intellectual learners, function as good citizens, learn as individuals in our society, and develop as actual or potential workers in our community.

At PASCS, we strive to help all students develop their fullest potential through a rigorous academic curriculum combined with problem solving, critical thinking, communication skills and current technology. We encourage respect for others by treating students, faculty members, and patrons with respect.

We also strongly believe that inquiry based, back-to-basics,  guided instruction benefits children by allowing them to question the world around them and seek the answers with guidance from highly trained, certified staff.  Ultimately, we believe our back-to-basics approach using the Socratic method and inquiry will result in creating learners who can succeed at anything for which they affix their minds.

Our Approach