Anju Parida

Second Grade Teacher


Courses Taught:











"You cannont change what you are, only what you do."

Miss Parida has been with the PASCS family for three years. Ms. Parida received her BS in Education from West Chester University and then received her M. ED from Widener University. Recently, Ms. P has also become ESL certified. Teaching for over 10 years has been loving every moment of it! Miss Parida tries her best to meet the needs of her students through various teaching methods. The family atmosphere at PASCS is what attracted her to the school and family is the most important part of her life. She believes PASCS is a great fit for her. Miss Parida enjoys cooking Indian food and watching Hindi movies. She is fluent in two languages Hindi and Punjabi, chances are if you are in her class you will learn a little Hindi. During COVID - 19, Miss Parida's mind was constantly focused on her students and the best way to continue to engage them in her lessons.