The Administration of PASCS

Darlene M. Smith
Chief Administrative Officer

Growing up on Chicago's west side taught Mrs. Smith how to work hard and rise above mediocre expectations. To this day, she continues to exceed expectations by making school an exciting, dynamic place of learning for children. Prior to founding Premier Arts and Charter School(PASCS), Mrs. Smith founded and directed a successful learning center for over 15 years. Using techniques learned from her former employer and mentor, renowned master teacher, Marva Collins, Mrs. Smith developed a unique and innovative teaching methodology that has contributed to the academic success of many of Harrisburg's school children. 

Mrs. Smith received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Michigan, and along with over 25 years of continued study, research and academic success, her dream of a classroom where children love learning and are reading, writing, solving problems, reciting poetry, sharing ideas, and thinking critically and analytically has been realized many times over. Her students have amazed teachers, parents and even themselves with the level of academic excellence they have achieved.

High Expectations

At Premier Arts and Science Charter School, Mrs. Smith will ensure that the same level of academic excellence that parents have come to expect under her direction will still be maintained. It is her sincere belief that children do not rise to low expectations. Thus, PASCS will adhere to a genuinely rigorous curriculum in which children will be taught to not only succeed on their own level, but beyond. 

At PASCS, we expect excellence--mediocrity is not an option. The outcome is an emerging group of young scholars who will defy the odds and challenge accepted norms, as they begin to reshape educational results, participate in community politics, explore culture, and discover the beauty and power of knowledge. We expect nothing less.