Laura Whitmire
Fifth Grade Teacher

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I am Laura Whitmire. I have shared many life milestones while working with my PASCS family, from getting engaged and married to having a child. I have been with Premier Arts and Science Charter School going on four school years, three as a kindergarten teacher and currently as a 5th-grade teacher. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education and am qualified to teach kindergarten through 6th grade. I prefer a thorough yet engaging style of teaching with plenty of room for the exploration of teachable moments when they arise. I aim to bring the world to our students through virtual field trips using visuals that pertain to the subject and vocabulary we are learning. I find this a perfect fit for all levels of PASCS students. Anytime the greater world can be shown is an opportunity to inspire wonder and imagination. This year our classroom is working with a classroom economy to learn the value of money, responsibilities and saving for items they would like to purchase along with how to financially accommodate for choices made along the way and their consequences. This will help us to work on our personal accountability which is our goal as a class for this school year. We will be taking ownership of the choices that affect our education. This involves completing homework, being actively engaged in lessons by asking questions and offering answers, and continuing a growth mindset with the power of "yet" when something is difficult, we keep trying until we master it. 

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