Danielle Dennis

Third - Fifth Grade School Counselor


Roles and Responsibilities:


-Providing developmentally appropriate individual, small group, and classroom lessons for students to address peer interactions, self-esteem, emotional regulation, family relationships, and behavior difficulties that may be impacting academic growth.

-Providing parents and caregivers with community resource information to address outside needs such as family or individual counseling.

-Collaborating with the Student Support Team (SST), a group of professionals that reviews, develops and helps to implement appropriate interventions for higher-risk students.

-Assisting with IEP (individual educational plan) implementation and coordinating counseling services recommended.

-Assisting in the planning and carrying out of the school-wide behavioral expectations program (P.A.W.S.)

Miss Dennis


Miss Dennis is one of two school counselors at PASCS. Miss Dennis is a native of Harrisburg are and she is able to make a meaningful impact on her community. This is her second year as our 3rd through 5th Grade School Counselor and she loves it! As a school counselor, I have the unique opportunity to see the students from a different perspective which allows me to support them in a more holistic way.  I am able to support a student's education by understanding the many layers that affect their academic success. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her family. In an attempt to keep herself sane during COVID - 19, she began gardening and landscaping.